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In-Office Facial Aesthetic Training
with Facial Aesthetics Expert Dr. Jarrod Cornehl



Available Dates

Available upon request

Individualized Training, Exceptional Results!

Implement facial aesthetic treatments into your practice by learning innovative, relevant, and safe aesthetic treatment techniques.

Dr. Jarrod Cornehl is an experienced cosmetic dentist and master aesthetic injector with a passion for aesthetic medicine. He is known for his combination treatments using PRF, Bio-Fillers, neurotoxins, dermal fillers, PDO threads, and laser therapies. In addition, Dr. Cornehl is highly trained in advanced procedures that help those who suffer from the debilitating effects of TMD Disorder and myofascial pain with non-surgical treatments such as neuromodulator injections, trigger point therapy, and photobiomodulation.

Course description

Dr. Cornehl ​is offering a comprehensive, hands-on, aesthetic training completely customizable to your current skill level and areas of desired focus. Whether you’re starting a new practice or developing a skill set, Dr. Cornehl will help you take the patient experience to the next level. Together, he’ll establish goals and customize a program to meet your needs as a student. Through private hands-on training in your office—focused on the most sought-after aesthetic procedures—the goal is to instill confidence and guarantee that the injector provides the safest, most effective treatments. Dr. Cornehl will come directly to your office for 1 full day of training with 8 CE Credits. Plan for approximately 2 hours of lecture and the rest of the day with your own patients for treatment under Dr. Cornehl’s supervision (3 to 4 cases that we recommend you charge the patient for to cover tuition expenses).


Dr. Cornehl will tailor his program to your skill level whether you’re an advanced injector or just beginning your aesthetics career.  The aesthetic private trainings emphasize facial anatomy, patient safety, and assessment techniques.  Sample of customizable training options: 

Basic Dermal Filler

-Initial or follow-up training for basic hyaluronic acid filler treatments. Components include facial anatomy, assessment skills, and basic techniques using a needle or micro-cannula.


Advanced Dermal Filler

-Learn to enhance overall volume in the tear trough, jawline, temple, chin, and cheeks using hyaluronic acid fillers with needles and micro-cannulas.



-Learn basic and advanced techniques using Botox®, Xeomin®, or Dysport.  We will discuss differences in products and emphasize anatomical and safety considerations.


PDO Threads

-Learn essential, non-surgical lifting, and collagen-stimulating treatments like PDO threadlift using barb and molded threads as well as smooth and twist PDO threads for added collagen production.



-Learn basic and advance injection techniques with needle and cannula using blood derivatives, liquid PRF and biological filler.



-Advanced laser techniques utilizing photobiomodulation and its application in treating TMD and other soft tissue problems, Nightlase protocols, as well as combination treatments combining skin resurfacing, vectored lifting, PRF and microneedling.



-Improve your knowledge of microneeding treatment protocols with PRF, safety, and patient results.


How it works

  • For $3950 all inclusive, Dr. Cornehl will fly the night before to your city and be ready to go in the early morning.

  • The next day, Dr. Cornehl will spend approximately 2-3 hours in the morning with your office going over techniques and background with the remainder of the day supervising and assisting with patient care.

  • The price includes airfare and hotel stay.

Once your office signs up, you will receive Dr. Cornehl’s contact information, and a specific date and time will be organized according to both your schedules. Additionally, desired protocols and specific training areas can be discussed. The course is fully refundable. We are entirely convinced this will be an added practice booster and an exceptional training experience for clinicians at all levels.


Dr. Jarrod Cornehl

-Practice dedicated to Facial Aesthetic Combination Therapies and Facial Pain
-Educator and Expert in Facial Aesthetics (Botox, Fillers, PDO threads), Microneedling, PRF, Lasers, and TMD / Facial Pain
-2002 Honors graduate from the prestigious University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Dentistry

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