PRF Course

2-day PRF, Biomaterials and Lasers Course, January 14-15, 2023 Fort Lauderdale

Next Generation Biomaterials for Bone and Periodontal Regeneration

Date: January 14-15, 2023

Location: Nova Southeastern University

3200 South University drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33328


Partnering Hotel: 

Renaissance Fort Lauderdale-Plantation Hotel

1230 S Pine Island Rd, Plantation, FL 33324


New and innovative biomaterials are being discovered or created in laboratories at an unprecedented rate, but many of them remain entirely foreign to practicing clinicians. This course addresses this gap in knowledge by summarizing some of the groundbreaking research performed to date on this topic and providing case examples of these biomaterials at work. The course begins with a review of the biologic background and applications of bone grafting materials utilized in dentistry. The principles of guided tissue and bone regeneration are covered in detail, including many recent advancements in barrier membrane technologies as well as use of platelet-rich fibrin and various growth factors, and many next-generation materials that will optimize future bone and periodontal regeneration are presented. The final section of the course is designed to help clinicians select appropriate biomaterials for each specific regenerative protocol. Much like one implant size and shape cannot be utilized for every indication in implant dentistry, one bone grafting material, barrier membrane, or growth factor cannot maximize regenerative outcomes in all clinical situations. This course teaches clinicians how to utilize biomaterials in an appropriate, predictable, and evidence-based manner. 


Day 1 Objectives: Understand the different available options for bone grafts and their uses. Understand when to utilize each class of bone grafting material appropriately


8:30-5: Biomaterials and their effect on immune health and tissue integration. How to optimize regenerative strategies by minimizing immune responses. How to supplement patients with antioxidants, vitamin D and other vitamins to minimize graft/implant failure. Classification of bone grafting materials. Current uses and percentages of bone grafting materials in North America. Why do we use autografts versus allografts, versus xenografts versus synthetic materials. Introduction to osteoinductive synthetic grafts (Osopia), the dentin grinder, Tetranite bone adhesive and 3D printing bone grafts.


Day 2 Morning Objectives: Understand the objective use of barrier membranes and platelet rich fibrin.


Day 2 Afternoon objectives: Understand why growth factors are the future of bone and periodontal regeneration. Understand each class of growth factors and their uses including BMP2, PDGF, Emdogain, Osteogain, Hyaluronic acid and more.


3:45-5:00: Clinical recommendations and guidelines for selecting appropriate biomaterials for bone and periodontal regeneration in an appropriate, predictable, and evidence-based manner. Evidence discussing what biomaterials to use for extraction sockets, sinus augmentations, GBR procedures, around implants, periodontal regeneration, and recession coverage.


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2-day PRF, Biomaterials and Lasers Course, January 14-15, 2023 Fort Lauderdale