PRF Course

Going Green in 2022 May 13-14, 2022

Going Green

Cleveland, OH

May 13-14, 2022


Zirconia Implants, Platelet Rich Fibrin, Dentin Grinding, and the future of Osteoinductive Synthetic Bone Grafts


“Going Green is a first course of its kind designed to meet the growing demand for Holistic patients wishing to utilize more natural approaches in regenerative dentistry.”


The Holistic candidate presents many challenges for the treating clinician. Not only are a limited number of ‘holistic’ dental products comparatively available, most largely fail in that a lower regenerative potential and/or factual, peer-reviewed data exists supporting their use. Going green aims to fill this gap of knowledge.


From the leading scientist who participated in the development of the Zeramex implant system (formerly DentalPoint) in the late 2000s, Dr. Dieter Bosshardt (Bern, Switzerland), the course provides a comprehensive review of the history and developmental phases of Zeramex implants. Years of animal research and concrete histological data will be presented from a leading scientist who spent years investigating implant surfaces at the histological level leading to their improvements and osseointegration into bone. Participants will gain valuable knowledge regarding histological differences between titanium, titanium alloys and various commercially available zirconia implants at both the bone and soft tissue level. An overview of titanium intolerance, as well as titanium particle release will be discussed as they relate to the current state of knowledge in the field.


Going Green will also provide an overview of ‘Holistic’ Biomaterials; their advantages and their limitations. From the author of the best-selling textbook ‘Next Generation Biomaterials for Bone and Periodontal Regeneration’, Dr. Richard Miron, an overview of bone grafting materials will be presented including the development of synthetically fabricated osteoinductive bone grafts, the growth and scientific literature surrounding dentin grafting, their protocols and indications. Furthermore, the ability to  drastically concentrate PRF utilizing modern protocols (C-PRF) as well as extend the working properties of PRF from 2-3 weeks toward 4-6 months (e-PRF) utilizing the Bio-Heat technology will be presented providing the ‘holistic’ clinician a new long-lasting barrier membrane fabricated from 100% natural autologous sources.


This course is designed for the serious Implantologist wishing to better understand how to maximize clinical outcomes through a better understanding of zirconia implants and holistic biomaterials at work.


Unlike conventional ‘holistic’ courses, this course provides real scientific data published in leading dental journals to facilitate decision-making processes for the Holistic patient.

Going Green in 2022 May 13-14, 2022