PRF in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

An Advanced Course in Orthopedic Injections

Knee, Spine, Hips and Shoulders using PRF

Use of PRF for Complex Wound Healing

with Dr. Robert Talac & Dr. Richard Miron
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2 day PRF Course in Orthopedic Medicine

New dates

May 27-28 ,2022 , Houston, Texas, USA


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“This is an Advanced Program in Regenerative Medicine geared towards helping the medical doctor transition from PRP to PRF including live demonstrations and discussion over injection techniques and potential applciations

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Course description


Use of PRF in Regenerative Medicine

PRP has been utilized in regenerative medicine for over 2 decades. Noteworthy, the use of PRF has been commercialized in several fields of medicine owing to its longer and steadier release of growth factors over time. These applications are utilized for several regenerative protocols which will be highlighted in this which will inform the practitioner from basic science concepts all the way to various medical applications.

Use of PRF for Diabetic Wound healing​​


Use of PRF for Knee Injections

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Use of PRF for Spinal Injections


Use of PRF for Complex Wound Healing


Use of PRF in Facial Esthetics


And much more !!!!

Day 1 (Biological Background on PRF)

- Lecture: Platelet Rich Fibrin in Regenerative Medicine

- Discover the science behind PRF

- Updates from PRP to PRF

- Biological basis of albumin gel + liquid-PRF (Alb-PRF) 

- Learn the natural approach to facial esthetics

- Hands-on phlebotomy training and live protocol demonstrations from leading experts in PRF


Day 2 (Clinical Applications of PRF in Regenerative Medicine and Orthopedics) 


- Lecture introduction to the clinical uses of PRP and PRF

- Use of PRF for the management of complex wounds

- Use of PRF in orthopedic surgery and medicine

- Live demonstrations of injections into joint spaces

- Live demos available upon request

Dr. Robert Talac

Short Bio Sketch

Dr. Talac is the founder of Renaxis (Renovation of Axis) in Houston, Texas ( The doctor is dedicated to advancing patient care through clinical research and has served as the lead author of more than 50 research publications and has contributed to several textbooks about spine surgery.

The International Association of Orthopedic Surgeons has recognized Dr. Talac as a Top Orthopedic Spine Surgeon. Additionally, Dr. Talac is a multiple-year winner of the Patient Choice Award and Most Compassionate Doctor Award. 


  • Both a Medical Doctor and PhD with a specialty in Orthopedic Surgery

  • Trained at the world renown Mayo Clinic where he performed countless clinical trials on regenerative biomaterials

  • First user in the world using Alb-PRF in Orthopedic Surgery

  • Author of more than 50 publications

  • Contributed to 7 textbooks

  • More than 6000 Spinal Procedures performed in his career

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