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CARE Esthetics Headquarters in Jupiter, Florida

Three Palms Center, 2151 S Alternate A1A, Unit 600, Jupiter, FL, 33477

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Wyndham Grand Jupiter At Harbourside Place

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CARE Esthetics/Dental Studio SF in San Francisco

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Grand Hyatt San Francisco

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TMJ Botox and Orofacial Pain Trigger Point Live Patient Training

Earn 16 CE credits


After dental pain, TMDs are the most common cause of orofacial pain. Various studies have shown that TMD affects 10%−15% of the adult population.  In order to effectively treat patients with TMD, we must first be able to accurately diagnose the root of their pain and then predictably treat them. 

Our 2-Day (16 hour) didactic and hands-on live patient training course teaches how to successfully treat orofacial pain, headaches/migraines, TMD syndrome, and TM joint pain with non-surgical, reversible, and minimally invasive treatments that are highly effective.  Learn how to integrate Therapeutic Botox for TMJ, Trigger Point Injections, Photobiomodulation, and PRF injections for TM Joint pain into your practice immediately. In this in-depth anatomical course, learn proper evaluation, treatment planning, dosing, documentation and injection techniques that will enable you to begin using these skills in your office immediately.  

TMJ Botox Overview

Participants will receive detailed and complete information on all the protocols associated with TMJ neurotoxins as well as hands-on injection techniques of primary and secondary muscles of mastication treated on patients with TMJ, migraines, and orofacial pain. A detailed review of anatomy and understanding of anatomical compartments including neuromuscular structures, fat pads and facial anatomy to properly perform safe and effective therapeutic injections, and limit complications.


**For training convenience, we order the clinical product for the course and provide it at wholesale cost. Participants will need to purchase the Botox units injected on in their models during the course. See the  pricing below:

Botox - $4/unit

Dysport - $1.33 per unit


Trigger Point Injections, Photobiomodulation, and TM Joint Injections with PRF

Participants will receive detailed and complete information on all the protocols associated with Trigger Point Therapy Injections,  Low Level Laser Therapy / PBM, and Temporomandibular Joint injections with Platelet-Rich Fibrin.  A detailed review of anatomy, laser physics, and PRF will be given to properly and effectively perform combination treatments to treat head and neck pain quickly and safely.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to quickly recognize and diagnose TMD and orofacial pain

  • Learn how to distinguish and treat the most common types of of TMD: those involving muscles and those involving the temporomandibular joints

  • Learn how Therapeutic Botox, Trigger Point Injections, and Photobiomodulation (PBM) work to treat muscular pain

  • Learn how TM Joint injections with i-PRF, Procaine, and Ozone work to treat TM Joint pain and Intracapsular Disorders

  • In-depth overview of botulinum toxin products (BOTOX®, Dysport ®, Xeomin®, Jeuveau®) 

  • Indications and contraindications for these pharmaceutical agents

  • Proper product handling, storage and FDA approved reconstitution techniques including live reconstitution and preparation of Botulinum Toxins

  • Study the safety and risk issues for botulinum toxin injectable therapy. 

  • Understanding occlusion in orofacial pain

  • Dental indications and contraindication for Botulinum Toxin for TMD, myofascial pain, migraines and other indication, on and off label

  • In depth review of facial anatomy of the head and neck muscles, neurophysiology, musculature and circulatory system of the oral and maxillofacial areas

  • Injection techniques and practical training for the usage of Botulinum toxins for bruxism and to relieve TMJ associated symptoms

  • Accurate and precise injection depths and techniques using botulinum toxins in Masseters, Temporalis, Splenius Capitus, Sternocleidomastoid, Trapezius, and more to maximize results

  • Comprehensive instruction for patient examination and evaluation including a neurological exam and a thorough head and neck muscle examination

  • Learn how to precisely identify and inject trigger points for instant and long-term pain relief

  • Learn how PBM reduces inflammation, increases wound healing, and lessens facial pain and TMD symptoms

  • Learn how to precisely treat muscular and joint pain with PBM

  • Discuss the protocol for PBM treatment including proper Fotona laser settings, effective dose, number of treatment sessions, and the benefits of using multiple handpieces (Genova, R-30, and Marco)

  • Know when to use different chemotherapeutics such as sterile saline, lidocaine and botulinum toxin for differential diagnosis, pain management and the best short-term and long-term successful therapeutic outcomes

  • Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning for TMJ syndrome, headaches, and orofacial pain patients

  • Perform live patient treatment including comprehensive diagnosis, treatment planning, proper dosing and delivery of trigger point therapy

  • Understanding when and how to utilize i-PRF for treating TMJ orthopedic pathology

  • Perform live TM joint injections with i-PRF and review proper phlebotomy and centrifuge spin protocols

  • Each participant will practice on their own live patient with one-on-one instructor guidance and assistance

  • Establish fee structures for oral and maxillofacial injectable trigger point treatment

  • All necessary office forms, treatment forms, and informed consents required for treating patients immediately will be provided

Course Outline

Day 1 - Lecture

08:00-08:30 Registration and breakfast within the CARE Esthetic facility


08:30-12:00 Speaker Introduction, lecture on neurotoxins and injection techniques specific to Therapeutic Botox for TMJ

12:00-01:00 Lunch


01:00-05:00 Lecture on Trigger Point Injections, Photobiomodulation, and TM Joint Injections with PRF

Day 2 - Hands-on

08:00-08:30 Registration and breakfast within the CARE Esthetic facility


08:30-12:00 Comprehensive live demo including patient evaluation, injection techniques and live BOTOX demonstration on model. Participants Hands-on Practice (Bring your own models)


12:00-01:00 Lunch


01:00-05:00 Comprehensive live demo including patient evaluation specific to TMD pain, injection techniques and live demonstration of Trigger Point Therapy, PBM with Fotona laser, and TM Joint injections with i-PRF. Participants Hands-on Practice (Bring your own models)

**Botulinum toxin is not included in the registration fee and will be sold at cost during the course.  See the  pricing below:

Pricing for hands-on practice

Botox - $4 per unit

Dysport - $1.33 per unit

Dr. Cornehl 7.jpg

About the Instructor


Dr. Jarrod Cornehl

Dr. Jarrod Cornehl is an experienced cosmetic dentist and master aesthetic injector with a passion for aesthetic medicine. He is known for his combination treatments using PRF, Bio-Fillers, neurotoxins, dermal fillers, PDO threads, and laser therapies. In addition, Dr. Cornehl is highly trained in advanced procedures that help those who suffer from the debilitating effects of TMD Disorder and myofascial pain with non-surgical treatments such as neuromodulator injections, trigger point therapy, and photobiomodulation.

-Practice dedicated to Facial Aesthetic Combination Therapies and Facial Pain
-Educator and Expert in Facial Aesthetics (Botox, Fillers, PDO threads), Microneedling, PRF, Lasers, and TMD / Facial Pain
-2002 Honors graduate from the prestigious University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Dentistry

Cancellation Policy​​

A full refund for all course registration is available up to 30 days prior to the first date of the course. Thereafter, a 25% deposit fee will be forfeited owing to the necessity to inform hotels over food and beverage numbers 30 days in advance. No refund will be granted 7 days prior to the course start date. All refund requests must be submitted by mail or email.

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