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PRF Course

Advanced Lasers and Exosomes Jupiter, October 11-12, 2024

Advanced Follow the Experts Course in Advanced Lasers and Exosomes

2-Day Course in Office - Come Learn the applications of PRF in the field of Facial Esthetics

Course Location: CARE Esthetics Headquarters in Jupiter, Florida

Three Palms Center, 2151 S Alternate A1A, Unit 600, Jupiter, FL, 33477 ​


Recommended Hotel: Wyndham Grand Jupiter At Harbourside Place

122 Soundings Ave, Jupiter, FL 33477

Phone: (561) 273-6600 ​

Booking Link: Advanced PRF Education 2024 LNR

Or call hotel and book with code: Advanced PRF Education ​

For reservations over the phone: 561-273-6668 Via e-mail:


Course Description: 


This will be a stage 2 course in advanced lasers, PRF and exosome therapy.

This course, reserved to 8-10 doctors only, will be an ideal learning experience for those that want advanced experience in treating a variety of facial conditions and learn step-by-step protocols utilized by experts in the field. It is mandatory to have taken the first Follow the Experts course at This is an advanced course that will focus on lasers and exosomes.


The course will focus on incurring more knowledge with lasers including on how to treat a variety of conditions using the Fotona Lightwalker for the following conditions:

1) Scar revisions

2) Rosacea

3) Acne therapy

4) Melasma

It will also baseline the number of treatment options with the ATP38 device and will showcase one treatment using either intensed pulsed light (IPL) or broadband light (BBL) and Halo technology from Sciton. Additionally, participants will be exposed to the number of treatments done at CARE Esthetics Headquarters using exosomes.

These will include:

1) Use of exosomes for facial esthetics

2) Use of exosomes for hair regeneration

3) Use of exosomes as anti-aging therapy

4) Use of exosomes via IV for the treatment of cognitive disorders such as Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and general fatigue.

Participants will additionally be able to take a certificate program the day before and enroll to be nationally certified IV phlebotomist one day prior to this 2 day program.

The course will be held on a Monday + Tuesday within the current working week in the CARE Esthetics office which will include live demonstrations from this fully trained staff. In this way, participants will gain access into the various roles of assistants and receive true live experience into the realities of adding this lucrative business into their personal offices. Discussion over key business aspects, cost of therapy, and marketing aids will be explained. Furthermore, the entire step-by-step protocols utilized in their practice will be provided.

We are extremely pleased to add this new teaching opportunity which will provide doctors a chance to see live cases from within their own practice. Furthermore, the ability for participants to participate/receive treatment from the expert will be available during the Tuesday session. A minimum of 8 cases will be conducted with various disorders, thereby maximizing learning experience.

Increase your skillset in facial aesthetics within this 2-day course to optimize your comfort levels for private practice!!!

Day 1 will be a full day lecture.


Day 2 will be purely clinical. The course will run out of 4 treatment areas as follows:


Station 1

  • Hair injections with the Enerjet device and Hairsomes followed by ATP38 Low-level laser therapy

  • Scar revisions with Fotona + Dermasomes

  • Rosacea treatment


Station 2

  • RF radiofrequency performed by an esthetician/assistant (They can legally do these therapies)

  • Halo-BBL with PRF + Dermasomes

  • Hair removal with Elyson


Station 3

  • Chondrosome injections into joint spaces (knees, shoulders)

  • Sexual Well ness with He and She shots


Station 4

  • IV therapy with Immunosomes for anti-aging and immune related disorders


Please direct questions to 

Advanced Lasers and Exosomes Jupiter, October 11-12, 2024

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