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In-Office Facial/CARE Esthetics Course
Including Joint Injections/Sexual Wellness/Exosomes
Learn all techniques from CARE Esthetic's Headquarters lead Nurse Practionner. These include all PRF and laser protocols in facial esthetics, as well as Botox and Fillers. Additionally in-office training on joint injections and sexual wellness He/She shots can be performed/taught during this one day training.


By Appointment

Call to Reserve your spot

at 954-909-2763

“This is an Advanced Program for those that are already qualified and have taken several of the PRF Facial Esthetics Course. Minimum requirements are that at least each of the first 2 programs have been taken (PRF in Facial Esthetics + Follow the Experts). This program will allow clinician to refine their skills in Facial Esthetics. The main focus will be in:

1) Using PRF and Bio-Fillers in Facial Esthetics

2) Using various lasers and RF frequency in Esthetics

3) Injecting Botox and Fillers in Esthetics

4) Cannula Injection Techniques

5) TMJ injections

6) Exosome therapy, either via IV or specific to tissues

7) Sports Medicine injections (Shoulders, Knees)

8) Sexual Wellness He and She shots

The program is designed to have clinics around the country book Elsa for various therapies on their patients. It is expected that the host clinic will have patients paying normal fees and to book 5-8 cases that Elsa can help assist with your team throughout the day.

Val 4.JPG

Elsa is Dr. Miron's lead Nurse Practitioner and performs the majority of procedures at CARE Esthetics Headquarters in Jupiter, Florida. She is fully trained and certified across a wide range of  protocols and this year will offer in office trainings for the first time.

Course description

Starting in 2024, Elsa ​is offering her training services in your own office. Instead of battling with daily PRF draws, performing complex facial esthetics injections/procedures and/or if you're interested in perfecting your procedures, have Elsa come directly to your office for 1 full day of training with 8 CE Credits for the head doctor. Line up patients, do in-office procedures and have Elsa there to assist your staff with all concepts related to PRF, lasers, exosomes, and IV therapy. This is an advanced course for practicing clinics and CARE Esthetic clinics that have attended many of our training programs.


One day with Elsa might be just what your practice needs to provide you the confidence to move your practice forward in esthetic medicine!!!

How it works

  • For $3,750.00 all-inclusive, Elsa will fly the night before to your city and be ready to go in the early morning

  • The next day, Elsa will spend an entire day with your office going over ANY techniques you'd like to learn and perform in detailed patient treatments with you.

  • Throughout the day, the doctor will perform many esthetic services on patients and many of the protocols at CARE Esthetics will be covered.

  • The price includes airfare and hotel stay

  • For those interested, You can book Elsa for a 2nd day at $2500

Once your office signs up, you will receive an email from Elsa and a specific date and time will be organized according to both your schedules. Book early as this is one of the fastest growing course options we have!!! We are entirely convinced this will be an added practice booster and an exceptional training experience for clinicians around the country.

For inquiries, please contact

*Prices for additional certificates, if requested, are $200 for each doctor and $100 for each assistant.

Use of PRF for Diabetic Wound Healing



Use of PRF for Knee Injections

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 9.39.28 PM.png



Use of PRF for Complex Wound Healing



Use of PRF in Facial Esthetics


And much more !!!!


Sexual Wellness Training

About the Instructor

Elsa McGilvray, MSN, APRN, FNP-C 

Elsa McGilvray is a board certified family nurse practioner by the American Academy of Nurse Practioners. She graduated with honors from Florida Atlantic University, where she obtained her Masters of Science and Nursing. Elsa's #1 goal is patient safety and delivering the best-desired outcome for her patients. Elsa continues to perfect her craft by educating other doctors about PRF (platelet-rich fibrin), lasers, exosomes, and other regenerative therapies in facial aesthetics. She is actively pursuing various research projects within the CARE Esthetics Network.


She continually participates in continuing educational course to keep up with the evolving industry of medicine. She enjoys staying healthy, exercise, and traveling.

Cancellation Policy​​

A full refund for all course registration is available up to 30 days prior to the first date of the course. Thereafter, a 25% deposit fee will be forfeited owing to the necessity to inform hotels over food and beverage numbers 30 days in advance. No refund will be granted 7 days prior to the course start date. All refund requests must be submitted by mail or email.

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