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PRF Course

In-Office IV Infusion and Phlebotomy Training - By Appointment

In-Office IV Infusion and Phlebotomy Training in PRF Therapy
with one of PRFEDU's IV Infusion and Phlebotomy Experts


​​Dr. Miron's IV Infusion and Phlebotomy Experts are  recognized as National Trainers, capable of certifying your staff members (depending on your state). They will train you and your staff on Phlebotomy, IV Infusions, as well as techniques on how to draw blood and give an IV Infusion in the same stick. 



​Course Description

You can choose if you would like one of our IV Infusion and Phlebotomy Experts to come to you, or spend an entire day with him/her the Sunday prior to any Follow the Experts or Advanced Lasers and Exosomes Course. If you are looking to get your staff trained, or just gain some more experience with the skills required for Phlebotomy, IV Infusions, and PRF Therapy - book today! Our experts will ensure that you get all of the hands-on training you need in order to feel comfortable and confident with these skills.

This course includes 8 CE Credits for 1 Doctor and 1 Assistant*


One day with our expert might be just what your practice needs to get the ball rolling smoothly!!


How it works

  • For $2,750.00** all inclusive, our expert will fly the night before to your city and be ready to go early the following morning

  • Our expert will spend an entire day with your office going over techniques, tips and tricks, and hands-on practice for all things Phlebotomy, IV Infusion, and PRF Therapy.

  • Our expert will also train staff members on the equipment needed for Phlebotomy, IV Infusion, and PRF Therapy. As well as the protocols for PRF membranes, PRF Sticky Bone, Liquid PRF, Bio-Fillers, etc.


Once your office signs up, you will receive our expert's email and personal cell phone number. You and the expert will coordinate a date for booking and that expert will provide you with the ordering list of supplies needed for the training. Book early as this is one of the fastest growing course options we have!!! We are entirely convinced this will be an added practice booster and an exceptional training experience for clinicians around the country.

Even Better


  • For $1,450.00, if you're already planning to attend one of Dr. Miron's Follow the Expert or Advanced Laser and Exosomes Course, come 1 day early and spend 8 hours at the CARE Esthetics headquarters with one of our experts! 

  • For nearly half the cost, you can come learn from one of our experts with all the equipment provided for you!

  • Additionally, any staff member can be Nationally Certified for an additional fee. This fee will also grant them access to additional training videos, online access to the associated courses, and the ability to sit for the National Board Exam (online exam that can be taken upon completion of the online training).


Course Outline:

7:30-8:00   Meet and greet with coffee
8:00-12:00 Lecture and simultaneous hands-on phlebotomy and IV
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:30   Hands-on Phlebotomy and IV

3:30             Course wrap up


*Prices for additional certificates, if requested, are $200 for each doctor and $100 for each assistant.

**An additional fee will be required for any remote offices with limited flight options.


For inquiries, please contact

In-Office IV Infusion and Phlebotomy Training - By Appointment

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