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PRF Course

In-Office PRF in Periodontology Training - By Appointment

Learn how to combine PRF with periodontal therapy and/or implant dentistry by lead author and researcher of PRF.


Dr. Nathan Estrin is a Periodontist trained under Dr. Romanos with over 20 publications and 2 book chapters in the field of lasers and regeneration in periodontics.  Dr. Nathan Estrin has spent the past year training under Dr. Miron at Lakewood Ranch Dental in Sarasota, FL. Dr. Estrin is trained in all laser wavelengths and PRF protocols including solid, liquid, and extended-PRF protocols as well as Stick Bone, Bio Bone and mixing antibiotics with PRF to place in periodontal pockets.


Course description

Starting in 2023, Dr. Estrin ​is offering In-office training to improve non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease utilizing lasers and growth factors and utilizing ePRF in socket grafting and soft tissue cases. Dr. Estrin will come directly to your office for 1 or 2 full day of training with 8 or 16 CE Credits for the head doctor. Plan for half a day of lecture/demos and a half day with your own patients for treatment with Dr. Estrin supervision (1 to 2 cases that we recommend you charge the patient for to cover tuition expenses).


Dr. Estrin will tailor his program to your level of in-house periodontal treatment from non-surgical periodontal therapy with lasers and growth factors to advanced surgical concepts and modalities utilizing various types of PRF!!


How it works

  • For $4,250.00 (1-day) or $6,750.00 (2-day) all-inclusive, Dr. Estrin will fly the night before to your city and be ready to go in the early morning
  • The next day, Dr. Estrin will spend an entire morning with your office going over techniques and background with an afternoon of supervising and assisting with patient care.
  • The price includes airfare and hotel stay


Once your office signs up, you will receive Dr. Estrin’s contact and a specific date and time will be organized according to both your schedules. Additionally, desired protocols and training can be discussed. The course is fully refundable. We are entirely convinced this will be an added practice booster and an exceptional training experience for clinicians at all levels.


*Prices for additional certificates, if requested, are $200 for each doctor and $100 for each assistant.


Please direct questions to 

In-Office PRF in Periodontology Training - By Appointment

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