In-Office PRF and Phlebotomy Training
with Phlebotomist Marvin Garrido



Available Dates
January 19, 2023, New York or New Jersey

January 20, 2023, New York or New Jersey
January 21, 2023, New York or New Jersey

February 8, 2023, California
February 23, 2023, Chicago

February 24, 2023, Chicago
March 9, 2023, Charlotte

March 10, 2023, Charlotte

March 18, 2023, Phoenix

March 23, 2023, Indiana
March 31, 2023, Las Vegas

April 1, 2023, Las Vegas

April 22, 2023, California
April 27, 2023, Boston

April 28, 2023, Boston
May 11, 2023, Los Angeles

May 12, 2023, Los Angeles

June 3, 2023, Seattle
June 4, 2023, Seattle

June 23, 2023, Minnesota
July 6, 2023, Nashville

July 7, 2023, Nashville


Sold out for the rest of 2022. New dates for 2023 now open!



Many of you have met stellar phlebotomist Marvin!!

If you haven't yet, you are missing out!

​​Marvin Garrido is Dr. Miron's lead phlebotomist and performs over 1000 blood draws on a yearly basis in one of the busiest practices in North America. He also happens to be a certified phlebotomy instructor and attends each of Dr. Miron's sold out courses at His training, clinical tips and pearls are invaluable!

Course description

Starting in 2022, Marvin ​is offering his services in your own office. Instead of battling with daily PRF draws, unknown reasons why clotting is not occurring/solidifying too fast and procedural protocols, have Marvin come directly to your office for 1 full day of training with 8 CE Credits. Line up patients, do in office procedures and have Marvin there to assist your staff with all concepts related to PRF including how to perform the act of phlebotomy, learn to make sticky bone, learn to make liquid PRF and Bio-Fillers including micro-needling with PRF and various application in facial esthetics.


One day with Marvin might be just what your practice needs to get the ball rolling smoothly!!

How it works

  • For $1950 all inclusive, Marvin will fly the night before to your city and be ready to go in the early morning

  • The next day, Marvin will spend an entire day with your office going over techniques of phlebotomy, tips, tricks and clinical pearls

  • Throughout the day, the doctor or dentist can bring in as many patients as he would like and Marvin will assist staff with all blood draws and give recommendations throughout the day

  • He will also participate and train staff members with all PRF protocols including PRF membranes, PRF Sticky Bone, Liquid PRF, Bio-Fillers and any and all combinations

  • The price includes airfare and hotel stay

Once your office signs up, you will receive Marvin's personal cell phone number and a specific date and time will be organized according to both your schedules. Book early as this is one of the fastest growing course options we have!!! The course is fully refundable. We are entirely convinced this will be an added practice booster and an exceptional training experience for clinicians around the country.

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