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Follow the PERIO Experts

with Dr. Richard Miron and Dr. Nate Estrin


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Course Location:  The course is entirely run at Lakewood Ranch Dental in Sarasota, Florida. (

For Dental Assistants, use discount code: "Followassistant"

Course Location:  The course is entirely run at Lakewood Ranch Dental - office of Dr. Miron and Dr. Estrin (owner Dr. Michael Kanter)

6270 Lake Osprey Dr, Sarasota, FL 34240


Recommended Hotel (2 minute walk to office):

Even Hotel

6231 Lake Osprey Dr, Sarasota, FL 34240

Phone: (941) 782-4400

Learn how to combine PRF with antibiotics and Emdogain using Advanced Laser Therapy protocols to treat 4-7mm pockets non-surgically

Course Description: 


Advanced-PRF Education in Non-Surgical Regenerative Therapy

1-Day Course in Office - Come Learn the applications of PRF in the field of Periodontology

Periodontitis and periodontal bone loss around teeth have been characterized as one of the most prevalent diseases known to man with reports demonstrating that 40% of the population is affected in either a moderate or severe condition.

Lasers are increasingly being utilized in the management of periodontal disease as an additional treatment in non-surgical periodontal therapy. This is due to the beneficial photodynamic and photothermal affects that can be achieved with laser therapy. Recent randomized clinical trials and systematic reviews have demonstrated the additional benefit to using lasers during non-surgical periodontal therapy for the treatment of moderate periodontal defects.

This course is designed to teach clinicians the in-depth use of lasers in combination with regenerative growth factors for the treatment of intrabony defects. Taught by two experts in periodontal therapy, Dr. Richard Miron (growth factor expert) and Dr. Nate Estrin (laser expert), they invite participants looking to gain access into the realities of their private practice dedicated solely to periodontal regenerative therapy in Sarasota, Florida. The course is designed to teach clinicians how to effectively utilize modern technologies including laser therapy and growth factors in a non-invasive and non-surgical approach to regenerate bone loss around teeth.

This course is limited to 4 doctors only, will be an ideal learning experience for those that want advanced training in periodontal therapy in a small group setting with clinical experience focused on learning the step-by-step protocols utilized by experts in the field. Participants will be taught the benefits of utilizing and manipulating platelet rich fibrin (PRF) therapy and how to utilize the technology as a drug delivery system for antibiotics (similar to Arrestin and Periochip without the use of inflammatory carrier systems). The course will teach participants how to organize with your local pharmacy the fabrication of liquid antibiotics that can be combined with PRF for regenerative periodontal therapy. Furthermore, this course will also offer an in depth understanding of the regenerative use of enamel matrix derivative (EMD; Emdogain) and its long-standing use as one of the top regenerative growth factors used in periodontal therapy over the past 20 years. Discussion over its correct application and clinical improvements will be presented.

Participants will additionally be able to take Follow the Experts (December 18th-19th) course the day after this 1-day program.

The course will be held on a Sunday prior to the Follow the Experts – Facial Esthetic Course - in order to maximize learning experience by participants wishing to gain some insight into both fields of regenerative medicine. Protocols and advanced therapy will be presented, and laser setting discussed throughout the program including when to utilize laser therapy alone, laser therapy + PRF, laser therapy + PRF + minocycline/tetracycline, or PRF + Emdogain. Background info on each of these regenerative strategies will be discussed including their benefits and reasonings for each of their use.

This course is highly beneficial to both the experienced periodontist who wishes to further advance their understanding of the regenerative properties of growth factors in the field along with a better understanding of laser therapy, but also the general practicing dentist that ideally would like to provide better and more advanced therapies to patients demonstrating 4-6 mm periodontal pockets without necessarily having to perform advanced surgical periodontal therapies.


This course provides this small group of attendees a true live experience into the realities of adding this lucrative business into their personal offices including the role of the assistants. Discussion over key business aspects, cost of therapy, and marketing aids will be explained. Furthermore, the entire step-by-step protocols utilized in their practice will be provided.

We are extremely pleased to add this new teaching opportunity which will provide doctors a chance to see live cases from within one of the top periodontal practices in United States with 2 of the leading clinicians involved in research in the field.

Increase your skillset in periodontal therapy within this program to optimize your comfort levels for private practice!!!

Increase your skillset in non-surgical periodontal therapy within this 1-day program to optimize your comfort levels for private practice!!!

8:30-10:30 (Dr. Richard Miron – biomaterials and growth factor expert)

- Welcome, introduction to team members, overview of the clinic and equipment.

- Background information on growth factors. What is enamel matrix derivative (EMD; Emdogain), how was it developed and how should be applied and utilized in periodontal therapy.

- Background info on platelet rich fibrin (PRF),  how to optimize protocols and which protocol to utilize for each indications

- How to combine PRF with antibiotic therapy. How to fabricate an all-natural low-cost arrestin at your pharmacy using with a better growth factor release profile.

- How to extend the working properties of PRF from 2-3 weeks to 4-6 months (e-PRF)


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 (Dr. Nate Estrin – laser therapy expert)

 - Overview of the protocols utilized in laser therapy. Discussion over protocols and settings utilized in the field of periodontal regenerative therapy.

- Advantages of the Neodymium:Yag laser (LANAP) for periodontal therapy

- Advantages of the Erbium:Yag laser for periodontal therapy

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-5:00 (Dr. Richard Miron and Dr. Nate Estrin – Live treatments)

- Live Treatments! Learn protocols, learn how to utilize various laser wavelengths including understanding laser protocols

- Visualize live patient treatments in a small group setting

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Dr. Richard Miron
-Researcher on biomaterials and growth factors
-Best Selling Book author
-Published over 300 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters
-Dentistry Today's top 100 CE providers in USA

Dr. Nate Estrin
-Practice Dedicated Exclusively to Periodontology
-Laser Therapy Expert
-Author of Numerous International Peer-reviewed articles
-Periodontist - graduate from Stony Brook Dental School (Master supervisor = Professor Dr. George Romanos)

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