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PRF Course

Advanced Cannula Course

Advanced-PRF Education in Facial Aesthetics

3-Day Course - Come learn Advanced Facial Esthetics with the top doctors using PRF


Make sure to take the Basic Facial Aesthetics course and Follow the Experts Course before taking this course.


Fort Lauderdale Course Location and Hotel Information:

The course is entirely run at the:

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina

1881 SE 17th Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316


Course Description

Learn the biology and clinical applications behind utilizing blood derivatives and PRF formulations in facial esthetics from a combined group of leading doctors in the field including Dr. Catherine Davies (Course Supervisor), Dr. Richard J Miron (PRF Expert), Dr. David Koski (Injector and Laser Expert), Dr. Jarrod Cornehl (Advanced Injection Specialist), Dr. Julio Hernandez (Advanced Injection Specialist), Dr. Beth Love (Advanced Lip Injector), Dr. Ana Cristina (Advanced Combination Therapies), Dr. Robert Talac (Lead orthopedic surgeon and PRF sports medicine specialist), Barbara Morgan (Bio-Filler expert), Dr. Mena Bedir (Laser Expert), Dr. Kyle Koski (PRF/Laser Expert), Dr. Anthony Ceccacci (PRF Expert), Dr. Gisele Batcheller (PRF Expert), Dr Alan Rene Espinoza (Spanish PRF Expert), Dr. Rhonda Bowen (PRF expert), Dr. McClure (PRF and Cannula Expert), Dr. Glenn MacFarlane (PRF Expert), Valerie Yackel (microneedling expert), Marvin Garrido (Phlebotomy Expert), Geir Harvard (CEO of Cuvget, Facial Cream Expert), Walt Rozier (Photography Expert), Jose Lopez (IV Expert), Lauren T. (Microneedling Expert), Jeannie P. (Microneedling Expert), Mona Entezari (Physician Assistant PRF expert).  Each with their various expertise in the field, the course will highlight the latest advancements in facial esthetics with blood derivatives including sections on 1) injection techniques with PRF, 2) micro-needling techniques with PRF, 3) create a 100% biological filler (Bio-Filler) that is made from whole blood that lasts 4-6 months and 4) an overview on the applications of PRF in combination with laser therapy. The course will be taught over a period of 3 days, with the first day geared towards providing the biological background on the use of PRF in regenerative dentistry and facial esthetics (with a section on venipuncture), with the focus of days 2 and 3 on injection and micro-needling techniques using PRF with live demonstrations and live patient practice.

“Increase your skill set in facial aesthetics and dentistry within this 3-day course to optimize your comfort levels for private practice!!!”

Day 1 Thursday

Dr. Catherine Davies

8:30-10:00 Introduction to advanced concepts in facial esthetics. Anatomy of the face and skin types


Break 10:00-10:30


Dr. Catherine Davies

10:30-12:30 Advanced injection techniques. Cannulas, safe entry points, and injections into complex areas

Lunch 12:30-1:30

Dr. Ana Cristina

1:30-3:45 Advanced Injection Techniques and Combination Therapy in Esthetic Medicine


Break 3:45-4:00


Dr. Jarrod Cornehl, Dr. Julio Hernandez

4:00-5:00 Live Demos

Day 2 Friday

Day 2 will be entirely a hands-on day where the doctor will rotate around 6 stations.


Each station will be designed to teach specific techniques to participants for 1 hour each. Below please find the 6 stations. Each doctor should wear scrubs ideally on day 2.



Station 1: Advanced cannula injection techniques into tear troughs, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and jaw lines (10 injectors - list will be provided)


Station 2: Hair therapy and injection therapy (Dr. Catherine Davies)


Station 3: Photobiomodulation in facial esthetics with the ATP38 (Dr. Ana Paz)


Station 4: Lip fillers with Bio-Fillers using Juvederm/Restyline and/or in combination with Bio-Heat (Dr. Beth Love, Mona Entezari)


Station 5: IV drips parallel to your facial treatments using "Beauty Bags" (Jose Lopez)


Station 6: Facial creams in esthetic medicine (Geir Harvard)


Day 3 Saturday

Dr. Robert Talac

8:30-10:00 PRF in Sports Medicine




Dr. Richard Miron

10:30-12:00 Update on CARE Esthetics National and IV Infusions with Exosomes

Lunch 12:00-1:00

Dr. Jarrod Cornehl


Botox in the upper face. Forehead, Glabella and Crow's Feet

Treating the TMJ with PRF and Botox

Break 3:00-3:30


Basic Botox injection techniques of the forehead, Glabella region and Crow’s feet

Advanced Cannula Course

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