PRF Course

PRF Facial Esthetics Course November 18-20, 2021

Advanced-PRF Education in Facial Aesthetics

3-Day Course - Come learn Facial Esthetics with the top doctors using PRF


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Renaissance Plantation Hotel




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Renaissance Plantation Hotel




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Course Description: Learn the biology and clinical applications behind utilizing blood derivatives and PRF formulations in facial esthetics from a combined group of leading doctors in the field including with Dr. Richard Miron, Dr. Catherine Davies, Dr. Alireza Panahpour, Dr. Harvey Shiffman,Dr. David Koski, Erin Anderson, Nichole Kramer, Walt Rozier, Dr. Larry Lieberman, Dr. Terry Alford, Dr. Scott Delboccio,Dr. Ana Paz, Dr. Ana Cristina, Dr. Carlos Mourao, Randy Alvarez. Each with their various expertise in the field, the course will highlight the latest advancements in facial esthetics with blood derivatives including sections on 1) injection techniques with PRF, 2) micro-needling techniques with PRF and 3) an overview on the applications of PRF in combination with laser therapy. The course will be taught over a period of 3 days, with the first day geared towards providing the biological background on the use of PRF in regenerative dentistry and facial esthetics (with a section on venipuncture), with the focus of days 2 and 3 on injection and micro-needling techniques using PRF with live demonstrations and live patient practice.


Increase your skillset in facial aesthetics within this 3-day course to optimize your comfort levels for private practice!



Day 1: Biological Background & Clinical Indications of PRF with Dr. Richard Miron. Phlebotomy training, and live demos with advanced PRF and injectable PRF. Learn how to utilize i-PRF and A-PRF. Understand the natural healing process.


Day 2: Facial Esthetics using PRF. Learn the indications for when and where to use PRF therapy during mesotherapy, micro-needling and facial lasers. Learn the importance of photography in the facial esthetics field. An overview and introduction into new centrifugation protocols for facial aesthetics. Live micro-needling demonstration by clinician-scientist directly from Dermapen, the leaders in the micro-needling industry. Practice live injection techniques on silicone head models and then on LIVE patients.


Day 3: Full day of live demonstrations & hands-on facial esthetics practice on HUMAN PATIENTS. Practice injection techniques to reduce forehead wrinkles, eyebrow furrows, erase crow’s feet, restore volume to the cheeks, re-contour nasolabial folds, fill smoker’s lines, soften marionette lines, plump thinning lips, improve chin/jawline definition and hair restoration. Excellent educator-to-student ratios to provide an optimal educational experience. Live demonstration combining laser therapy with PRF.

PRF Facial Esthetics Course November 18-20, 2021