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First PRFEdu Follow the Experts Course hosted by CARE Esthetics Headquarters

As the newly launched CARE Esthetics Headquarters opens its doors to patients seeking natural therapies to anti-aging, it also opened its doors to clinicians seeking to increase their skill set in facial aesthetics by combining PRF and laser therapies through the Follow the Experts Course.

This course, reserved to 6 doctors only, will be an ideal learning experience for those that want advanced training in facial esthetics and learn step-by-step protocols utilized by experts in the field. Participants will be taught how to manipulate platelet rich fibrin (PRF) for various facial indications. The course will cover in detail injection techniques, micro-needling and the latest advancements with respect to Bio-Heat protocols. These advancements extend the working properties of PRF from 2-3 weeks to 4-6 months utilized as a natural Bio-Filler to fill larger facial voids. Learn more at

The course will also cover the combination approaches utilized by these doctors which include laser therapy (Fotona). Participants will observe the combination approaches utilized that include intra-oral Smoothlase, external laser peels, removal of age spots + moles, followed by PRF injections and micro-needling. These combination approaches are entirely natural and quickly reach desired outcomes when utilized in a combination approach in contrast to multiple sessions being required when utilized alone. The course will also cover the advantages of Ozone therapy, will cover local infiltration techniques, as well as important skin care product regimens post therapy.

Follow the Experts Sept 12-13
Feedback from two of the clinicians who attended the course last September 12-13 at the CARE Esthetics Headquarters.


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