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PRFEDU's Soft Tissue Management Course is Back!

This exciting 16 CE course with two of the most highly respected educators in their fields, Dr. Anton Sculean & Dr. Richard Miron, addresses general dentists and periodontists who intend to learn more about the use of regenerative and esthetic procedures in periodontology.

Advances in cell and molecular biology have contributed to increased understanding of wound healing of various tissues, and revealed a great complexity of processes involved. In general, the outcome of wound healing can be characterized either as repair, i.e. scar tissue formation that differs in form and/or function from the original tissues, or regeneration, i.e. form and function of the lost tissues is restored. A large body of evidence has established that polypeptide growth and differentiation factors, natural biological mediators critical to development of tissues and organs, may support wound healing/regeneration creating an environment conducive to and/or immediately inducing de novo tissue formation.

The better understanding of the biology combined with improved surgical techniques yielded to clinical concepts enabling predictable treatment outcomes in intrabony and furcation defects. Recently, the use of biological active molecules such as enamel matrix proteins in conjunction with innovative surgical techniques such as the Modified Coronally Advanced Tunnel (MCAT) with or without connective tissue grafts or collagen matrices has been proven a predictable technique to treat single and multiple gingival recessions and to correct various types of soft tissue defects around teeth and dental implants, improve tissue thickness and avoid scar tissue formation. Presentation of clinical cases, schematic drawings and video presentations will demonstrate the clinical applications of various techniques to achieve periodontal regeneration and improve esthetic outcomes.

Learn the clinical concepts to improve the predictability of regenerative & plastic esthetic periodontal surgery + peri-implant surgery!

Day 1: Theoretical Part

Presentation of a critical overview on the available regenerative materials and of biologically based treatment concepts for obtaining predictable outcomes in intrabony, furcation and recession defects. Presentation of new data on the treatment of recession defects around dental implants.

  • PRF for the regeneration of soft tissue healing

  • Early studies using Straumann emdogain and/or PRF for the treatment of gingival recessions with fibrogide

  • Systematic review of the randomized clinical trials using PRF for gingival recessions

  • Presentation of the coating of biomaterials such as collagen membranes (biogide, mucograft) with PRF

Day 2: Practical Part: Exercises on Animal Models (Pig Mandibles)

  • Treatment of an intrabony defect using bone grafting material and collagen membrane with or without biologic agents

  • Papilla preservation techniques and single buccal flap to maximize the outcomes

  • Treatment of a furcation defect using bone grafting material and collagen membrane with or without biologic agents

  • Modified Coronally Advanced Tunnel (MCAT) using connective tissue grafts, collagen based soft tissue replacement grafts with or without biological active molecules for recession coverage

  • Laterally Moved Double tunnel for the treatment of single deep recessions

  • Suturing techniques for flap predictable closure

  • Connective tissue graft harvesting

  • Suturing techniques for graft fixation

  • Suturing techniques for coronal flap advancement and fixation

Stoma, Geistlich and Straumann with PRFEDU


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