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New Course at PRFEdu: Advanced PRF 2-day GBR Course

Lectures and Minipig Hands-On with Dr. Richard Miron and Dr. Hussein Basma

This new course is designed for the clinician that currently utilized PRF in every day practice, but wishes to maximize on the technology by understanding the advancements made in the field over the past 5 years including the ability to extended the working properties of PRF from 2-3 weeks into a biomaterial that last 4-6 months.

While beginners may take the program, the course is designed to take clinicians into the world whereby extended-PRF membranes can replace collagen membranes created using the Bio-Heat Technology including its various clinical applications. While many colleagues in the past have taken the 1 day PRF program either live or online, this course is designed to teach clinicians how to make e-PRF membranes including the Bio-Bone protocols. Day 2 will be entirely run at Nova Southeastern University's simulation lab where participants will get to practice each protocol and surgical technique on big mandible jaws. Topics such as GBR techniques and soft tissue grafting will be covered.


Course Objectives

Learn the advancements made in PRF therapy over the past 5 years including extended-PRF membrane applications

Familiarize all clinicians with the Bio-Cool and Bio-Heat technology and their helpful use in everyday regenerative dentistry

Manually practice and fabricate extended-PRF membranes and Bio-Bone protocols

Utilize the technology of extended-PRF membranes for socket grafting, GBR procedures and Sinus Grafting

Present treatment concepts aiming to predictably obtain periodontal regeneration including root coverage/intrabony defects
Teach the optimal flap design and suturing techniques with leaders in the field


Meet the Experts

Dr. Richard Miron

Dr. Richard Miron is the #1 ranked researcher on Platelet-Rich Concentrates, a clinician, best-selling author and a facial esthetics expert.

He is a globally renowned clinician who helped develop several concepts associated with utilizing blood concentrates (PRP/PRF), their corresponding protocols, and their potential health benefits compared to the widely used materials today. He teaches doctors, facial estheticians, and other medically trained professionals from different countries about the latest discoveries and practices in facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Hussein Basma

Dr. Hussein Basma received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Damascus University in 2009. Dr. Basma completed a residency in Prosthodontics at Lebanese University and received a Certificate in Periodontology and Master of Science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Dr. Basma is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Periodontology at UAB. He is a Diplomate in the American Board of Periodontology, lectures nationally and internationally

about periodontology and implant dentistry. Dr. Basma has authored numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles and abstracts. His teaching efforts focus on bone augmentation, full-arch rehabilitation, multidisciplinary care, and integration of technology.

We hope to see you at the first Advanced PRF 2-day GBR Course in September!


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