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Watch a 30 Minute Video on Advancements in Synthetic Bone Grafts

Much advancement has been made within the last year with synthetic bone grafts. The world’s first osteoinductive synthetically fabricated bone graft, Osopia, was FDA cleared for clinical use. Unlike previous synthetic bone grafts which are osteoconductive by nature, Osopia is capable of inducing ectopic bone formation = the ability to make bone even when implanted in muscle. Only allografts and BMP2 are the other biomaterials able induce ectopic bone formation with FDA clearance.

Derived from Dr. Richard Miron's best-selling textbook "Next Generation Biomaterials for Bone and Periodontal Regeneration", this free CE online module at covers synthetic bone grafting materials, their properties and the importance and clearance of Osopia, the first synthetically fabricated osteoinductive bone graft.

Enroll to this free module to receive 1 CE credit.

About the Author

Dr. Richard MIRON, DDS, MSc, PhD, Dr. med. dent.

Dr. Richard Miron is currently lead educator and researcher at Advanced PRF Education and an Adjunct Visiting Faculty in the department of Periodontology in Bern, Switzerland where he completed his PhD studies since 2009. He has currently published over 200 peer-reviewed articles and lectures internationally on many topics relating to growth factors, bone biomaterials and guided bone regeneration. He was awarded many recent international prizes in dentistry and is widely considered as one of the top contributors to implant dentistry having won the ITI Andre Schroeder Prize, and the IADR Young Investigator of the Year in the field of Implant Dentistry. He has written 5 best-selling textbooks widely distributed in regenerative dentistry including "Understanding Platelet Rich Fibrin" and “Next Generation Biomaterials for Bone and Periodontal Regeneration”.


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